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Your CBD Advisor is in!  With a focus on Indiana and Midwest USA, Indy Hemp Rx provides reliable, safe and consistent access to HempLucid, Funky Farms & Farmacology Hemp CBD products. 

Waltz Capital CBD Benefit Management Services - Take advantage of our 16 years experience in the Healthcare Industry, our knowledge in the Cannabis Hemp Industry that will allow you to safely and securely transition into using Cannabidiol CBD in your daily life.

It is extremely important that you understand the medical benefits of Cannabidiol CBD and how it interacts with your Endocannabinoid System. 

Our CBD management services can assist you with any questions or concerns about selecting the right CBD product for your particular medical needs.  

  Please call or text 317-697-4012. Or toll-free 855-334-8700 ext. 207. You can email inquiries at!


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Medical benefits of Cannabidiol CBD.

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Our background in the healthcare industry for the past 15 years made us recognize that relaying on traditional pharmaceuticals are not always the right nor moral answer to regain your health back. Stay healthy with Hemp CBD and let us help you with your experience. 

Indy Hemp Rx offers free consultations, reliable & friendly customer service, and consistent access to Hemp CBD for its Indiana customers & nationawide.


Full transparency offering (COA) Certificate of Analysis of lab tested and reliable CBD product. Non-GMO, certified hemp seed, organic, CO2 extracted, no pesticides or herbicides.

Indy Hemp Rx is your CBD Advisor, both locally in Indiana and worldwide. We are also an exclusive (B2B) business-2-business Farmacology CBD Distributor offering pharmaceutical grade, Zero-THC Hemp CBD products. 

Our brand was started by pharmacists and is managed by pharmacists. Everyone who works at Farmacology has a background selling Big Pharma and Healthcare, so please take advantage of our inside knowledge.

OUR GUARANTEE is that if you do not feel that our Hemp CBD products did not work for you in 30 days, we will refund your money 100%.

We offer such a rock solid guarantee because Indy Hemp Rx knows that any serious CBD customer will clearly see the difference in quality, purity and potency in our products and service. Therefore, we know our customers will be back to buy again soon from us!

Indy Hemp RX CBD Client Testimonials

I’ve struggled with adult acne my whole life. I have tried numerous prescriptions and over the counter acne products and nothing has worked. I’ve recently been putting the CBD oil on my face every night and when I wake up my skin is clear! It's a daily life saver and very huge help for me with managing stress and anxiety. Farmacology Hemp CBD IS A MIRACLE WORKER!!!

Mandi Holland, Esthetician, Indianapolis

I have been working with Indy Hemp Rx to get the right dosing and CBD oil for my workout recovery needs. I do aggressive workouts 5-6 days a week and had always wondered if CBD could help reduce the inflammation, and/or DOMS, and/or general better feeling the next day.  I can attest that CBD is a staple in my recovery supplements today. Thank you for the ease of doing business and going above and beyond to make this tailored to my needs!

Dustin Elery, Indianapolis

Farmacology CBD Salve has been tremendous help, taking away my arthritis pain in my hands. I do have some beginning symptoms fro Lupus  and it has also helped to provide massive relief with the random swelling or tight muscles I get from my condition. As well CBD has been a great help to get rid of my skin tags on my neck. Finally, I am still breast cancer free using CBD & THC oil instead of chemotherapy, which would have made things worse, not better.

Clara Waltz, Indianaplis

Farmacology CBD Products

Farmacology was founded in 2017 by 2 pharmacists and is managed by pharmacists. Everyone who works at Farmacology has a background selling Big Pharma and Healthcare, including Indy Hemp Rx, so please take advantage of our inside knowledge. Our team has learned that hemp-related products can be a great source of health, vitality, and overall well being. Farmacology  focuses on extracting only pristine, high-quality product from hemp that is solely sourced from Colorado, United States.

The best part is that even though their administrative offices are in New York, Farmacology Life has 100% quality control of their CBD production since the farm production, processing, all lab testing is done in-house under one company and is not outsourced to 3rd parties. Their CBD oil's purity, quality and potency far exceeds the competition and what you could buy online or at your local health food store.

Non-GMO   Organic   USA-Made   Natural Genetic Strains   Pharmaceutical Grade CBD

Know where the Farmacology brand was born in Colorado Springs at Folium Biosciences and recognize that your CBD evolved from one of the best!

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Acne FREE with Farmacology CBD

Acne FREE with Farmacology CBD salve ointment.

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